Estimating copper roof installation cost

How much does it cost to install copper roof?

Cost of copper roof installation will depend on number of factors and total expenses primary determined by copper prices per square foot and labor cost to complete the work. While calculating gross expenditures for installing a new copper roof a number of additional factors should be taken into account. Roofing contractor will calculate the cost after roof inspection, getting detailed measurements and analyzing work complexity. Itemized estimate will reflect all charges and fees associated with installation. If a contractor will quote the work including materials all additional expenses will be added separately.

Calculating copper roof installation cost

Copper roof prices


Price of cooper shingles or standing seam panels per square is higher comparing to traditional fiberglass asphalt shingles. But longer lifespan and its unique appearance make copper one of the best roofing product available on the market. Always count additional materials which have to be purchased for a roof installation including flashing, roof underlayment and copper nails.

Determining labor cost for a roof installation


Roof design, size and work complexity will affect the cost of labor. Roofing contractor will calculate installation of 34” x 12” copper shingles on high pitch roofs with multiple dormers and complex design at significantly higher rate per each square compare to installing 24” wide 10’ long snap lock seams panels on a simple low slope roof. Preparation work including removing old roofing materials, replacing rotten wood or fixing a roof structure will lead to extra charges.

Shopping for new roofing materials


Copper shingles or panels can be purchased from metal roof suppliers, distributors or ordered directly from manufacturers. Home improvement stores normally do not sell this product. Purchase price will be estimated based on order size and copper thickness. While shopping for a new cooper roof consult with local roofing contractor which product should be installed based on a roof pitch, climate zone, and building codes.

Typically roofing companies specialized in installation, replacement and repair of metal roofs will purchase and deliver all materials to a job site. Cost of labor and materials expenses will be included in the estimate to get a new copper roof installed.

Estimating installation time


Roofing company should be able to complete 45 squares of 16 oz. copper shingles installation on a 6/12 roof in about two days. It will normally consume less time to install bigger standing seam panels. But everything will depend on a roof style. Same size roof with multiple elements and complex design might take a few days to complete copper shingles installation. Exact number of man-hours will be estimated after analyzing all details.

Work complexity


Copper roof installation normally is not a do it yourself project and only very low percent of homeowners with little construction skills are able to complete the work successfully. Copper is one of the most durable and long lasting roofing material available, but improper installation might cause significant reduction of its lifespan and developing multiple problems with such roof. Poor completed roofing project will cause leaking and damaging not only home interior, but the whole structure of a house. Hiring experienced roofers will ensure work quality and adequate copper roof performance.