Estimating the cost to build a shed

How much does storage shed cost?

Cost to build a new shed determined by multiple factors and total expenses will depend on materials prices and labor cost to perform the work. A contractor will quote the project after reviewing shed plan, analyzing all details and calculating the number of man-hours necessary to build new structure. Itemized estimate issued after site inspection will indicate all charges and fees associated with construction process. Cost of materials will be included in the quote as a separate expense.

Calculating the cost to build a shed

Materials prices


Cost of supplies greatly vary and depend on materials which have to be purchased, shed dimensions and design. Prefabricated 8’ x 6’ galvanized steel shed with 255 ft3 storage capacity is one of most affordable options to consider on a low budget. Resin or vinyl 7’ x 7’ shed with 60 in. wide double door more expensive. Spacious 12’ x 16’ wood shed with 3 windows and a high-pitched roof have significantly higher price.

Enormous shed options available on the market make it impossible to define average materials cost. It might be cheaper to buy lumber, low cost roofing products and simple door and build the shed on a site compare to purchasing prefabricated sections ready for assembling.

Labor cost to build a shed


Man power expenses will depend directly on difficulty of work. The simpler shed is the cheaper it will cost to build. Theoretically installation of factory manufactured shed of a flat surface will be less expensive compare to performing excavation work, pouring concrete footing and building the new shed from scratch, but in practice it will all depend. Building lean to the house or garage metal or wood shade over existing concrete slab can be cheaper than assembling free standing 10 x 15 shed with coupe windows and complex design.

Shopping for materials


Broad selection of ready to assemble sheds available at local home improvement retailers. To save time you can easily order desire shade online and get it shipped to the home address. If you are planning to hire a professionals to build a new shed, normally all necessary building materials from cement and floor joists to shingles and gutters will be supplied by a contractor with inclusion of all expenses into the total cost.

Estimating construction time


It will normally take about one day for two experienced installers to assemble a simple prefabricated 8 x 9 metal shed. Pouring concrete foundation, placing treated 6” x 6”, framing, asphalt shingles, door, windows and siding installation will consume more time and typically building 14’ x 14’ lumber shed from scratch is a few days project for a crew of two carpenters and one helper.

Work complexity


Shed is one of the easiest structures to build and many homeowners can easily manage construction of a simple storage by self. But even though it is not a difficult project it is still require some basic construction knowledge. Before thinking about cutting labor cost, always evaluate your ability to perform the work successfully. If you are not sure, or such task simply goes beyond the area of your expertise, it is always better to hire a contractor for building a new storage shed.

Dimensions factor


Size of a storage shed is not a major factor in cost determination. In many cases larger, but simpler metal shed can be cheaper compare to building smaller, custom designed for perfect fit into outdoor landscaping, wood storage.