Estimating the cost to build a patio

How much does it cost to build a patio?

Cost of adding a patio to property exterior design determined by a few essential factors. A contractor will estimate total expenses based on a patio type, dimensions and overall difficulty of work to complete the project. Itemized estimate issued after in-home consultation and analyzing all details will indicate all charges and fees associated with on-site construction process. Cost of materials for building a new patio can be included or excluded from the quote if a homeowner will purchase and arrange delivery of all necessary supplies.

Calculating the cost of building a patio

Estimating materials cost


There is wide variety of materials can be chosen for building a patio. 4" x 8" 2 inches high concrete brick pavers is one of the most affordable options. Thicker 6" x 12" chiseled travertine tiles might have higher price per square foot. 18x18x1 fiberglass garden stone can be extremely costly solution. But there is no average price of patio pavers can be defined and difference in cost between cheapest and most expensive material can be huge. Besides pavers, purchasing additional materials including landscape fabric, gravel and sand will result in total patio cost increase.

Patio can be build using lumber, also known as decking materials or even pouring concrete slab outdoor. Taking into account wide range of options, materials expenses are not a parameter which can be roughly estimated before finalizing type and design of a future patio.

Cost of labor to build a patio


After analyzing scope of work to perform, a contractor will calculate the number of man-hours necessary to build a new patio. Construction time will be an essential factor affected man power expenses. Work involved minimal excavation, putting weed barrier, 4” thick layer of gravel, application of 1” sand layer and simple installation of 24x24 stone pavers while forming a rectangular patio with ¼” on every 12’slope will be considered as basic process. Building an oval or custom shaped patio on hill terrain will be priced at higher rates.

Shopping for materials


Normally a contractor hired for building the patio will supply all necessary materials and include all expenses into the total cost to complete the project. Brick, stone or even wood to cover the patio can be ordered by a homeowner depending on personal preferences.

While figuring out the cost to build a patio per square foot always take into consideration that total expenses is a sequence of what was done, and it is impossible to provide accurate quote before defining all details.

Estimating construction time


Experienced crew of 5 professionals is able to complete building 150 ft2 – 160 ft2 paver patio in couple days using adequate machinery and equipment. Pouring concrete slab, covering and building shade structure will consume more time and some complex work might last up to a week.

Work complexity


Building a simple patio can be easily managed by homeowners with basic construction skills. But prior to make any assumptions and start thinking about cutting labor cost always evaluate your ability to complete the project successfully. If you have a doubt that such task goes way off the area of your expertise, it might be better to hire professionals to build the patio.

Dimensions factor


In general, the bigger patio is the more expensive it will cost to build. But such statement is not always true. 120 ft2 rounded patio build on a slope with 36” wide 14’ long walkway can be priced at 15% – 25% higher rate per square foot compare to building same type 210 ft2 simple rectangle patio on a flat surface. Construction expenses cannot be based solely on the size and along with actual dimensions always account shape, design, soil properties and type of terrain as no less important factors of building a patio cost determination.