Estimating boiler replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace a boiler?

Cost to replace a boiler determined by multiple factors and overall expenses primary defined as an amount invested into purchasing a new water heater and cost of labor to complete the project. Contractor will price the work base on number of man-hours necessary for performing replacement. Itemized estimate will be issued after analyzing scope of work to complete and will reflect all charges and fees associated with removal of an old and installation of a new boiler. Extra work besides basic replacement will be quoted separately. Purchasing additional materials will result in increase of the total cost.

Calculating a boiler replacement cost

New boiler prices


Prices of residential water heaters vary significantly and price mainly depend on a boiler type and tank capacity. 40 gallons, 4500 watt, 240 volt electric water heaters which can heat the water up to 60 F° and be installed in 800 ft2 – 1,100 ft2 one story houses with high effectiveness to serve the needs of 2 – 4 people are very affordable and can be easily purchased at local home improvement retailer. 75 gallons, 75,000 BTU natural gas water heaters can be installed in 2,700 ft2 – 3,100 ft2 with 3 1/2 bathrooms houses and sufficiently serve for a family of 6 – 7 people, but those boilers will have higher price. There are no average or typical cost can be defined and difference in price between cheapest and most expensive furnace which can be installed in same house an easily exceed 150%.

A boiler itself is the major, but not a single cost of materials. There are always extra expenses for additional supplies which have to be purchased for performing soldering copper pipes and connecting gas or power to the boiler.

Labor cost to replace a boiler


Simple disconnecting water and gas or electricity from existing boiler, removal of an old and installation of a new heater will be priced at minimum charge. Many plumbers or HVAC contractors have standard rates for a basic boiler replacement and additional charges might be applied for and extra work with goes beyond standard installation.

Shopping for a new boiler


Most contractors supply the boiler and all necessary materials for replacement with total expenses included in the final estimate. Even though, homeowners can easily purchase water heater from local store or even order online it is very low possibility that price will be cheaper compare to what a contractor will offer for a new boiler including installation.

Estimating replacement time


It will normally take couple hours for an experienced installer to disconnect and remove existing boiler and install a new one. Complex work might consume more time, but it is uncommon that a boiler replacement will last longer than one day. Depending on a manufacturer and water heater model, empty 50 gallons, 40,000 BTU natural gas boiler weight about 150 – 170 Ibs and it is very typical that an installer will need a helper who will assist with moving out the old and putting into place new boiler.

Work complexity


Boiler replacement is not an extremely difficult task. If you familiar with soldering copper pipes and have basic construction skills, the high probability you can manage a basic tank water heater installation with no major problems. But if such project goes beyond your skills and knowledge, it might be not the best idea to start learning basics by experimenting with the boiler installation. There are no omissions excepted while working with electricity or gas. Improperly installed water heater can leak, have multiple functions problems, damage the property severely or even be life threatening. For that reason it is always better to hire a professional who will guaranty a proper boiler replacement.