Bay window installation cost

How much does it cost to install a bay window?

Cost of bay window installation depends on multiple factors and gross expenditures primary depend on window purchasing price and labor cost to perform the project. Before issuing an accurate estimate for bay window installation, contractor defines scope of a work to complete and will quote the project based on its complexity.

Calculating bay window installation cost

Bay window prices


It is impossible to foresee how much the window actually cost because prices for bay windows vary greatly and there is no average cost can be defined. Three sections connected at 30° or 45° for 42” wide and 54” high opening vinyl window is not an extremely costly option. Twice bigger five sections wood window with superior thermal performance sun glass can be a few times more expensive. Price difference between cheapest and most expensive window can easily exceed 600% or even more.

Cost of labor to install the bay window


Window size, distance from the ground to the window opening and overall difficulty of work will affect the number of man-hours necessary to perform the task. Installation of smaller window of a first floor will be priced significantly cheaper compare to putting huge bay window on upper floors.

Many contractors have standard fees for basic bay windows installation, but all extra work besides assembling and putting window into ready opening will be priced separately. Window replacement cannot be equated with basic installation and there are always additional charges for removing existing window and often unavoidable preparation work.

Shopping for a new bay window


Wide range of windows can be purchased or ordered at local home improvement retailors or suppliers. Even though, windows in standard dimensions are normally cheaper compare to custom sizes, in many cases, it is better and overall less expensive to order a window according to existing opening. Reframing and finishing walls in the house while trying to fit “on sale purchased bay window” could be an extremely costly project. Normally contractor hired to perform installation will provide all additional materials which might be necessary to purchase for proper window installation and include all expenses into itemized estimate.

Estimating installation time


Two experiences installers normally are able to assemble and properly install 4 – 5 sections bay window on a first floor in 6 – 8 hours excluding preparation work. More people might be involved during installation of oversized heavy windows on second or third floors. Finishing interior and exterior walls consume an extra time and complex bay window replacement might take couple days to complete the project and clean the job site.

Work complexity


Bay window installation certainly can be done by handy homeowners as do it yourself project, but always take into account that most of bay windows are heavy and you need a helper to lift and properly secure the window in the rough opening. Before planning to save on labor, always evaluate your ability to complete the project successfully. Poor installation might cause significant reduction in thermal efficiency of a whole house and if you never install or replace a regular window, start obtaining skills with bay window installation is not the smartest idea.