Estimating a bathtub replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace a bathtub?

Bathtub replacement cost determined by a few essential factors. Purchasing price of new tub, cost of additional materials which have to be bought to perform the project successfully, and labor expenses are the main aspects should be taken into account while figuring out how much it will cost to replace a bathtub. Plumber will price the work base on its difficulty. All charges and fees for a bathtub replacement will be summarized into itemized estimate issued after in-home inspection.

Calculating a bathtub replacement cost

Bathtub prices comparison


There is wide range of bathtubs available on the market and prices greatly vary. Standard 5 feet long, 15” deep enameled steel tub is one of the least expensive options. Better quality acrylic tub has higher price. Sophisticated cast iron free standing tubs can be extremely expensive. There is no typical fee for purchasing a new bathtub can be defined because difference in price between cheapest and the most expensive fixture can easily exceed 500%.

While replacing a bathtub, take always into account that price of a new tub is the main, but not a single materials expense. Purchasing new p-trap, silicone or even plywood to replace rotten wood under the tub will result in increase of the total cost.

Labor cost to replace a bathtub


Bathtub replacement normally is a project which takes place during complete bathroom renovation. But if the tub is damaged and has to be replaced expect additional charges except basic tub installation. Replacement of a free standing tub normally will be priced cheaper. While replacing a wall-to-wall bathtub alone, it is nearly impossible to avoid removal of surrounding wall and floor tiles that will lead to some extra fees. Fixing possible damages caused by taking out an old tub will be priced separately.

Shopping for a new bathtub


Affordable 45 gallons water capacity, 60”L x 30”W x 16”H bathtub can be purchased from the shelf of a local home improvement retailer. On a low budget always watch for seasonal sales. If you have time and patience it is always a good chance to find the best deal on a bathtub online and get the fixture shipped to your home address. But before making a purchase always make sure you are buying a tub with same drain location as it was in the old bathtub.

Estimating replacement time


The time necessary for bathtub replacement will depend directly on difficulty of work. Removal an existing and basic installation of new same type bathtub should be completed in 3 – 4 hour by an experienced plumber with a helper. It will take longer to reinstall and grout tile as well as fix possible drywall damages. Even though complex work will consume more time, it is uncommon that bathtub replacement will last longer than one day.

Work complexity


Bathtub replacement is a moderate difficulty project and homeowners with basic plumbing and general construction skills can easily manage simple installation reducing total expenses by eliminating the cost of labor. For more complex replacement, especially if you are planning to upgrade standard soaking tub with whirlpool or completely different type and dimensions bathtub, it might be better to hire an experienced installer who will provide quality guaranteed service.