Cork floor care and maintenance

Cork floor is hard flooring material that has ability to withstand almost everything that can be thrown at it while reducing the possibility of breaking it. Nevertheless, cork flooring needs to be looked after in order to preserve its appearance, finishes and colors. In addition, with proper on-going care and maintenance, which pretty much almost the same as for hardwood floor, the cork floor will last long while keeping its attractiveness. Cork floor requires some minor routine maintenance, such as vacuum and sweep without beater brushes as often as the need arise to prevent from piling dust and dirt that can potentially scratch its surface. Damp mopping of the cork floor can be done not that often. However, you should avoid any possibility of excessive moisture on the floor in order to prevent it from damages. Homeowners should use only proper cleaning solutions for the cork floor which recommended by the manufacturers or retailers. In contrast, they should not use any harsh cleaners or bleaches which can damage finishes and fade this type of floor.

Since cork flooring material has organic pigments with excessive exposure of direct sunlight the cork floor are prone to color fading. Therefore, homeowners should not allow excessive sunlight hit the cork floor for long period of time. You can use where possible curtains, drapes, blinds, window tints or other systems in order to protect the cork floor from the excessive sunlight.

It is also a wise idea to control humidity level in the room because cork floor has an ability to absorb any coming moisture. Recommended humidity levels in the room should be about 50-60%, if it is not then you need to consider installation of a humidifier. It is sometimes necessary to put protective mats near doorways or area rugs to protect the cork floor on heavy traffic areas. However, homeowners should not use protective mats with rubber or any other non-porous materials in order to avoid trapping moisture under the mat which can affect finish and cause other damages for cork floor.

As for any other floor surfaces protection, homeowners should keep pets away for the room where cork floor installed or trim their nails regularly. Wipe pet’s urine or any other spills right away in order to avoid undesirable spots which will penetrate deep inside of the cork after what it will not be possible to remove them. In addition, do not move furniture over the floor but try to lift it instead. Put proper protectors under furniture’s legs and special protective mats under office chairs.

Check the cork floor periodically for wear, if the floor start losing its luster due to high traffic or just with some period of time, homeowners should consider refinishing or resealing. They should check with manufacturer instructions for the refinishing recommendations.