Metal tile roof installation cost

2020 Calculator to estimate the cost to install metal tile roof

Input parameters
Project details
Roof size in squares1
Number of floors2
Roof pitch3
Roof type4
Old roofing materials removal5
Additional elements on the roof6
# of vents
# of skylights
# of chimneys
# of vent pipes

Computed parameters
Estimated expenses
Labor cost7
Materials cost8
Total metal roof installation cost9
Cost to install metal tile roof per square10
Project duration
Average time to complete metal tiles installation11

By default, metal roof cost calculator estimates cost of labor, materials expenses and average completion time to install 30 squares of new metal tiles on a simple medium slope gable roof of one story residential house. Homeowners can easily adjust input parameters and calculate total expenses bases on project size and work complexity.

1Roof size is an actual roof area in squares. One square = 100 square feet.

2Majority of residential houses with sloped roofs typically designed as one, two or three story homes. Depending on roof accessibility, installation of metal tiles on higher houses could be priced at higher rates.

3Roof pitch defines how steep the roof is. Installation of metal tiles on low or medium-slope roofs is less expensive compare to installing roofing materials on high-sloped roofs where additional equipment should be used to work on very steep surfaces.

4Cost of labor will be significantly lower to install metal tiles on a simple roof with no valleys, dormers or custom hexagonal elements. Multiple obstacles on the roof will slow down installation process and lead to number of man-hours increase.

5Tearing off old roofing materials doesn’t include plywood or damaged wood replacement. All extra work will be priced separately.

6Metal tiles around ridge vents, skylights and chimneys have to be properly installed. Flashing around roof elements must be adequately placed. Waterproofing around vents, skylights, and chimneys will result in extra work leading to labor cost increase.

7Cost of labor is an average charge by contractor to complete metal tiles roof installation accounting roof dimensions, height of a house and overall difficulty of work.

8Cost of materials includes purchasing price of drip edges, roofing underlayment, stainless steel screws, stone coated steel roof tiles and flashing. Always take into consideration that waste factor of metal tiles greatly depends on roof design and style.

9Total cost to install metal roof is an actual amount homeowners should expect to pay in case roofing contractor will purchase and supply all necessary materials for completing roofing project.

10Metal tile roof installation cost per square is an average expense to replace every 100 Sq. Ft. of roof area.

11Estimated time to install a new roof is an average number of days necessary for an experienced roofing crew to complete metal tiles installation and clean the job site.

Metal tiles roof calculator is for a general purpose only. Every home improvement project is unique, and labor charges and fees might vary depending on work complexity. Only local roofer is able to price the work after analyzing its difficulty. In addition, prices for metal roof tiles greatly vary, and accurate quote for the roof installation project could be issued only after defining which product has to be installed and what additional supplies have to be purchased.