Granite tile floor cost

2020 Granite tile cost calculator

Input parameters
Area dimensions
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area width W1
Area length L2
Initial expenses per square foot ($/sq.ft.)
Cost of materials3
Cost of labor to get granite tile installed4


Computed parameters
Project summary
Total area5
Sq. Ft.
Amount of granite tile to purchase6
Sq. Ft.
Estimated time to complete the project7
Estimated expenses
Materials cost8
Labor cost9
Total cost to get granite tile installed10
Cost comparison
DIY installation cost
Cost to hire a contractor
DIY savings

Input parameters:

All numbers should be entered as real numbers which are bigger than 0 (zero) for specific value or equal to zero for no value parameters.

1 W – width of granite tile installation area in feet. Inches values should be entered as real number means 3 inches = 0.25 feet; 6” = 0.5’; 9” = 0.75’ and so on.

2 L – length of granite tile installation area in feet. Input real numbers only.

Granite tile cost calculator computes project size, average completion time, and total tile installation expenses of up to three rectangular and one triangular area at a time.

3 Cost of materials per square foot is an actual amount spent on purchasing one square foot of granite tile plus mortar or granite tile adhesive, cement backer boards, screws, grout and natural stone sealer.

4 Labor cost is a contractor’s fee to get granite tile installed per square foot.

Computed parameters:

5 Total area is actual surface area where granite tile have to be installed. Total area in square feet is rounded to the nearest whole bigger number.

6 Amount of tile to buy is an actual amount of granite tile necessary to purchase for performing tile installation project. Computed number includes typical waste factor.

7 Time to complete the project is an approximate number of days necessary for an experienced crew to perform basic granite tile installation. Small tile installation projects which normally should be done in a few hours are still one day task regardless exact number of hours spent on a job site.

8 Cost of materials is an expense for purchasing tile and all supplies to perform granite tile installation depending on project size. Cost of granite tile accounts extras for waste.

9 Labor cost is a total charge to complete granite tile installation.

10 Total cost to get tile installed is a gross amount homeowners should expect to pay for granite tile installation based on project square footage, actual tile price per square foot, cost of labor and additional materials expenses.

Cost comparison gives an idea what you can expect to save in case of completing granite tile installation as a do it yourself project.

Granite tile cost calculator is for a general purpose only. Every home improvement project is unique, and labor charges and fees might vary depending on work complexity. Only local tile setter is able to price the work after analyzing its difficulty. In addition, granite tile prices greatly vary, and for computing correct cost all input numbers must be actual and exact.