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If you're thinking about bathroom remodeling, renovation, rejuvenation or just simply freshening up your bathroom or making some major changes to it, you will not only add value to your property but also make your home more comfortable and cozy.

We will help you to narrow down your choices from all types of bathtubs, furnishings, and design that you are looking for and advice you the best what will suit and work for you for the best price. You won’t be overwhelmed, you don’t lose much time, and the most important that you will be satisfied for many years.

When you are remodeling bathroom make a decision whether you want to renew something or you want completely remodel (change everything or make it bigger, add shower or (and) bathtub). It is a lot of resources available to help you with an idea how you want your bathroom to be look like. Check on-line, look on pictures in the magazines and come up with your own decision.


If you want to change a bathtub there are variety of types, shapes, colors and sizes to choose from.

Standard bathtub dimensions are usually 5ft in length and 30" - 32" in width for wall to wall build tubs, but if the space is allow any types and shapes of whirlpools can be installed. There are different types of bathtub materials – acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain on steel, cultured marble, cast iron, wood, ceramic tile. The most popular are acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs. Wooden and ceramic tile bathtubs are not commonly used or, let say, not that practical.

It is also an option to refinish fiberglass, porcelain or cast iron tubs, but be ready that with some savings, compare to replacement your old tub, goes some disadvantages, as refinishing will begin to peel and chip soon. If you have a limited space in your bathroom you can go with tub/shower combination.  


With a shower it is a different situation. You can design shower by yourself and professionals can do it the way you wanted. Any types of shelves or benches can be easily added. It is no limitations in sizes for walk-in showers. On the other hand, prefabricated showers come in standard sizes. If you decided to install steam shower do not forget that steam generator (for producing steam) suppose to be install somewhere close to the shower. Shower doors can be framed or frameless. By configuration there are basic types of shower doors - pivot doors, sliding or bypass doors, bi-folds and curved.

Light fixtures

Choosing the electrical fixtures you have to consider the size of your new bathroom first. Adding some recessed lights or fancy vanity lights will bring to your bathroom completely new look. It is important to remember about bathroom fan. You can buy fan only and save or choose fan with light and bring more light in the bathroom.bathroom mirror


Mirrors are another very important part of a bathroom design. There are so many options to choose from. First of all, decide which size of the mirror would be the best in your new bathroom, whether you want frameless or with a frame, which shape and style. Some homeowners like to install huge walls to ceiling special order mirrors in their master bathrooms. Other prefers mirrors, no bigger than vanity. Alternative option to the mirror is a mirrored medicine cabinet which can be surface or in wall mounted. This is a good idea for adding more storage space in the bathroom.

Heated floor

Heated floor can be added as an option to your bathroom remodeling project.  It might definitely change your early morning mood when you will step on the warm tile floor after shower. There are three types of heated floor systems – electric, air heated, and hydronic. It is always better to consult with professional which system will be the best choice for your bathroom.


bathroom vanity

Toilets usually last for a long period. However, sometimes a mechanism for flashing water stops working properly and start bothering you. But in any case it is not hard at all to replace toilet, anyway when you doing flooring in the bathroom (tile or hardwood) you have to take it out and after floor is done put is back.


Tiling is the most considerable part of a whole bathroom remodeling project. It is possible to install tile pretty much everywhere when it comes to the bathroom – on the floor, walls or/and ceiling. There are endless possibilities of tile design and patterns to choose from. There are also variety of types, colors and sizes of tile.

It is depend on the size of a bathroom which vanity will be the best option. Some vanities come in a one piece – cabinet and sink together, but if you want something not standard - make your own design for the cabinet and choose countertop, sink and faucet you like.   

Other things to consider

Painting is also an important part of bathroom remodeling. It is, probably, the most inexpensive part of the whole remodeling project, but it will make your bathroom looks fresh and nice. Also choose the bars for towels and toilet paper.   

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