Which washing machine is the best to buy


What to look for while shopping for a new washing machine.

There are different washing machines available to satisfy any consumer’s needs and budget. And while shopping for a new washer always analyze all the advantages and disadvantages particular make and model have to make a right choice.

Consider different types

Easy to put clothes and empty top load machines with a shorter washing cycles might be a good option to fit into the basement or a lower level floor so it will not disturb family members because of vibration while it is running. Landry centers with a dryer on top will save a space and very convenient in usage. Small 30” x 36” room will accommodate a whole unit with no space wasted. Front load washers do not tear and cause minimal clothes wear. They can be stackable and come as washer/dryer combination (typically lighter dryer goes on top of a washer). Some models can be integrated and installed as a build-in option in the laundry or under the counter. Portable washing machine might be the best choice for those who moving a lot or renting apartments for a short terms because it is easy to transport and have simple installation process. Also many might consider washer/dryer combo. It is not the cheapest but might be very convenient and practical for many consumers.


How many pounds of clothes a washing machine can wash in one cycle is the most important factor to look for. Compact 1 – 1.9 cubic feet washers might be good enough for a single person. Extra large 4.3 – 5.1 ft³ with a maximum load capability models are worth to consider for a bigger family. Along with convenience making a fewer full loads per week will save your time as well.

Energy efficiency

Latest high efficient washing machines which use less kWh of electricity and have lower water consumption per each cycle to wash the cloth will reduce your monthly energy bill. Also while operating try to avoid running a half empty machine because it’s still will consume same amount of energy if you are make it full.


Prices for washing machines significantly vary and difference might be dramatically noticeable even for two similar-looking models. Very often quality with better performance washer will be more expensive. Improving technologies allows adding many extra features for convenience of use, but typically all additions will cause the price go up. On a limited budget check if you want to pay for something that will likely never use and choosing a reliable with a basic standard features washing machine is a far better choice. Also while shopping for a new washing machine check the require voltage. While some washer can be simply plugged into regular 110 volt outlet, others will require 220 – 240 volt power line installed first what might increase initial installation cost.

Which washing machine to buy?

Which washer is the best will be determined by your needs and price range. But even the most expensive washing machine does not guaranty satisfaction for all customers because requirements will be different in each particular case. Setting the budget and evaluating preferences will always lead to a smart decision while buying a new or updating existing washing machine or washer/dryer combination.