Which mattress to buy

Which mattress is the best to buy?

There are huge variety of mattresses available today and only analyzing numerous of factors with personal preferences and practical needs as a priority will help in determination what will be the best mattress to buy. For example, some people prefer a firmer mattress while others like to sleep on softer one or maybe your health condition drives you to do the purchase. Since the ideal mattress for sleeping is different for each individual there are some essential aspects should be taken into consideration while shopping for a new mattress.

Comfort and usability

Many people think that memory foam mattresses are on top of the list when it comes to the comfort. Its unique properties allow human body adjusts accordingly to its natural shape and because of excellent motion insulation two people sleeping side by side will not disturb each other. This makes it possible because foam mattresses reduce motion transfer, letting you lie still and sleep without interruption while you might have an active partner who usually tosses and turns a lot throughout the night.

On the other hand, despite evidences that those mattresses help with some back problems; their advantage over regular coil mattress is only very slight (if any). In addition, comfortable fixtures of the mattress are also questionable because different individuals have their own criteria of comfort.

Special needs

An adjustable bed can be a good option for you to buy if according to your health condition your head needs to be elevated while sleeping. Adjustable mattress might be a good option for those couples who have different preference about the mattress. For example, one partner like to lie on firm while other feel comfortable only on soft style mattress, so they can have it both in one bed.

Space saving

For traveling the air mattress is very good option to consider about as long as you won’t plan to stay in the hotel. In addition, such mattresses are perfect if you expect many guests to visit your house at one time.


Bed sizes play role in your decision when you are tall and how good and comfortable mattress is but it won’t work for you if it is too short. On the other hand, if you have standard height or less than that you might don’t want to buy long size bed especially if you have a small bedroom. Also for a single person twin mattress dimensions might be good enough, couples will prefer queen or king size.


Costs of mattresses vary significantly and some products might be a few times cheaper than other. However, it doesn’t necessary mean that more expensive mattress will perform longer or be better in any way compare to more affordable one. Therefore, in order to get most out of every dollar spent you need to do some research before investing in mattress because it will last for many years and might affect your back and health overall. It is recommended to test few mattress options before making your final decision by laying on them for 10-20 minutes in the store. Maybe it can be a good idea to ask your friends or relatives to sleep over and test their mattresses and buy one that you like the most.