Which kitchen sink is the best to buy


What to look for while shopping for a new kitchen sink

There are different types of kitchen sinks available on the market to satisfy any customer preferences. And while shopping around, numerous factors should be taken into consideration before making a decision what sink you should get.

Choose the type of kitchen sink

For stone countertops such as granite or marble undermount sink is one of the best options and usually local fabricator offer wide selection of sinks very often with discounted prices and free installation while replacing a counter. This type also might be a good choice for concrete or other man made solid surface countertops. Self-rimming overmount sink will be perfect combination with laminate counter and very easy to install. Also some countertops come with integrated sink as a one solid peace with no seams. Apron or farmhouse sinks with exposed front might be an option for creating a stylish design.

Consider size

One bowl 16” x 18” will suit the best in smaller kitchen with a limited area. Most popular double bowl sink 7 – 9 inches deep with a garbage disposal installed on one side fit to any kitchen design and style. For big family where kitchen is a very busy most of the time larger triple bowl sink over 48” base cabinet might be the most practical. While thinking about kitchen sink dimensions do not forget about shape. There are not only square, but oval or rounded shapes available with different radius and overall dimensions. Double sinks might have equal or different bowls sizes and configuration.

Materials used

Stainless steel sink is one of the most popular for contemporary kitchen and will perfectly match with stainless steel kitchen appliances. If you are looking for durability cast iron is a way to go. It is long lasting material and available in different colors. Practical with natural warm appearance and distinctive look copper sinks are worth to consider for any kitchen décor. Natural stone sinks simply beautiful and can be incorporated with a countertop as a seamless option. Any type of natural stone requires periodical sealer application, but it will last for decades with a minimum care.

Budget determination

Before start shopping for a new kitchen sink determine what you can afford because prices might vary significantly. Type and size not only the factors which affect the cost. Very often quality will impact the value and in many cases we might pay for brand. Similar in appearance, but with unmatchable properties sinks might have significant difference in price. Importance of knowing what you are buying should be considering as a prior factor while shopping for a kitchen sink.

Which kitchen sink should I buy?

First thing the sink you are buying should meet essential requirements which will be different for each individual or family. If the kitchen is just a place to make coffee early in the morning and occasionally sandwiches you might don’t think much about the practical needs, but about design and esthetic look. On the other hand, for those who cook at home and a dishwasher might not be very suitable for washing oversized pots and pans or you just need the sink to suit into your cooking style other factors such as dimensions or how easy it to clean should be taken into consideration.