What to consider before starting on bathroom remodeling

Some things to consider before bathroom remodeling

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As any other home remodeling projects, bathroom remodeling one can be challenging and overwhelming no matter whether you want to do a brand new bathroom or just renovate a little bit an existing one. It is necessary to calculate your budget, the amount you expect to spend on the project. However, it is wise to spend only about 80-85% of the budget in order to save some extra money on some unpredictable events and/or happenings, if any, and do not go over the limit of the budget. In addition, homeowners should plan many things ahead before actually start this project and maybe ask for professional advice. They need to think about the bathroom appearance, functionality, storage, fixtures (i.e. sinks and faucets) and lightings. Any bathroom should contain pretty much the same essential elements whether small or big one, such as a shower/tub, toilet, and sink. If you have a small bathroom installers should squeeze these elements in smaller space. From the other hand, if you have bigger bathroom and extra money then you might afford to consider installation of not only necessary elements but a deluxe marble Jacuzzi bathtub also.

Appearance of a small bathroom can be improved by making the room looks bigger and warmer. Homeowners can use many things for that, such as to choose a large mirror, order white colored furniture or very close to that, install light colored floor covering and put light colored paint on the walls or other light wall covering materials. In addition, it is wise to ask installers to put light fixtures in such position that it could make the room look visually bigger.

It is essential to consider how many family members will be using the bathroom, especially in the morning at the same time. This can prevent from some frustration situations while waiting and, at the same time, improve functionality of the bathroom. Storage is also important to have in the bathroom to keep organized towels and other things, such as medicine, toiletries, makeup, etc… Therefore, homeowners can choose bathroom cabinets and/or closets if space of the bathroom allows them to do that. Very important role in the bathroom remodeling design play a shower and/or tub, sink, faucets, and cabinets. They bring to the room unique look and functionality. They not supposed to be very expensive but they need to be in a harmony with your overall bathroom design and could last long without losing its appearance. For bathrooms it is better to choose flooring materials that can withstand excessive moisture levels, such as ceramic, vinyl, linoleum tile or even mosaic cork. While choosing the proper tile for the bathroom for safety purposes it is important to keep in mind that tile should be slip resistant and comfortable under the foot.

How much will a bathroom remodeling cost? That depends on the work you plan to perform. It can vary from few hundred on the small project to few thousand dollars on the larger one. In addition, the price might fluctuate from materials you plan to purchase and whether you are going to install heated flooring. It is essential to order all necessary materials way before the construction starts in order to avoid any delays and extra expenses. Normally professional installers will charge not only for an actual remodeling process but for moving furniture and demolition also. That’s why, if you are on a budget and want to cut your bathroom remodeling price, it is better to do some preparation yourself as much as possible. Normally in old houses installers might have to change plumbing and electrical wiring which can be pretty much costly. In addition, it might be necessary to change the subfloor. Bathroom remodeling is much easier and less expensive if you don’t have to ask installers to move and (re)do, such things as pluming and electricity.

How much time will a bathroom remodeling take?

Some homeowners might think that a small bathroom remodeling project will take less time than the bigger one. In most cases it is true, but not always. That depends normally on how many items homeowners plan to change or (re)do. Regular bathroom remodeling can take from a few days to a month or even longer, depending on complexity of the project or unexpected delays with materials. In addition, normally after the bathroom remodeling project are done the installers might still asked you do not use the room for one or few days in order to let dry such things as glue, caulk, finish, paint, etc….