Tile vs hardwood flooring

Which flooring is better tile or wood?

Tile and hardwood are the most popular flooring materials not only in residential but commercial properties as well. Before making a decision what is better and more practical in particular case all the advantages and disadvantage of both products should be evaluated.


Tile installation is much more complex and time consuming process. Wood subfloor has to be stable and backer boards have to be installed prior to laying tile. Floating hardwood flooring is very easy to install and can be perform as do it yourself project.


Both tile and wood have their own unique look and appearance. Naturally beautiful hardwood flooring will fit in any room style. Solid rock looking stone tile is a good option for any house design as well and often it is just a matter of a taste what is better looking option. While shopping for new hardwood flooring consider the fact that many wood species have an ability to change the color overtime what is not a case for tile.

Durability and longevity

Tile is the most durable flooring material. It is a perfect choice for heavy traffic areas. Porcelain and high quality ceramic are almost maintenance free, but still grout has to be sealed ones in a while to extend its longevity and preserve the appearance. With proper installation and periodical sealer application granite, marble or travertine tile flooring will last for decades. Unlike tile hardwood flooring can be damaged by high moisture level or long staying water on its surface. Also wood much more susceptible to dents and scratches.


Solid and some engineered wood flooring might be refinished a few times to bring a new look ones again. But because of much harder surface tile will not wear out much and need a repair only ones it is severely damaged. Tile is the hardest flooring available and replacing one damaged piece might be a very difficult task. Partial repair of prefinished hardwood flooring might be a very time consuming process as well. When it comes to replacement tile is much harder product to work with.


Prices for both tile and hardwood flooring vary significantly. It is possible to find very inexpensive wood and even cheaper ceramic tile, but always check the quality because some budget friendly options might be not very suitable for all applications. On the top end high quality exotic hardwood flooring will be close to prices of stone tile. But overall expenses to get tile flooring installed will be higher because labor typically will cost more in comparison with hardwood flooring installation. Any type of floating engineered wood flooring will be a few times cheaper to get install than tiling ceramic over wood subfloor.

What is better hardwood flooring or tile?

Very often incorporation of both wood and tile flooring in the house is an ideal choice. While tile can be installed everywhere with no exclusion it might suit the best in the bathroom, kitchen or hallways. For bedrooms or living room hardwood might be a good option, but not a smart choice for a bathroom, because can be easily damaged by water. Porcelain in the bedroom might create a cold feeling and hard surface might not be comfortable to walk barefoot, while hardwood will offer much more warmness and softness. With all the pros and cons personal preferences will often play essential role whether to choose tile or wood flooring.