Remodel yourself or hire general contractor

How to remodel home

Remodeling a house is not an easy task, and homeowners should plan well before running into a major renovation project. It might not be necessary to get a lot of information about remodeling if you are planning to put a new tile in the kitchen or paint walls. But for complete remodeling which will include redesigning the whole house you might have to consider getting some knowledge about home remodeling before starting on actual work. Any homeowner will have two options – hire a general contractor or be a general contractor by self. There are some advantages and disadvantages in both choices.

Hire a general contractor to remodel a house

If you are busy with a work and do not have much of experience in construction and remodeling then it is the best option to hire a general contractor. In this case you will deal with one person directly and it will save you time. Some of the remodeling companies will offer a complete package from creating a design and make drawings to an after construction cleaning. You can always work separately with an architect or designer, buy materials by yourself and just hire the contractor to perform actual work.

Remodel yourself and be your own general contractor

If you will decide to manage complete home remodeling or even building house by self, than prepare it will be your full time job. You have to deal with many people, and without knowing basics of construction it will be hard to manage a big remodeling project. You will be responsible for getting all permits. A lot of legal issues and dealing with subcontractors might be overwhelming. In order to get the work done right you have to be at a job site every day and see the progress of work, otherwise you might end up with a long lasting project. Be prepared that not everything will go smooth, but as a reward you should expect to save 10% - 20% of total cost for remodeling. No one can tell you exactly what will be the savings because everything will depend on how you will be able to manage a whole process of renovation.


Before start thinking about savings and consider managing complete home remodeling project by self analyze the ability to perform all the work contractor will do. You have to be familiar with basics of construction and organize work well. Hiring and dealing with different subcontractors is not an easy task, but with a right approach you can definitely save something.

Learn how to remodel house if you want to act as a general contractor.