Laminate flooring advantages and disadvantages

What are the pros and cons of laminate flooring?

Laminate is definitely a flooring option worth to consider and with its unique properties it might be very practical material to get installed in the house.


Laminate flooring very durable product which can be used not only in residential, but in commercial buildings as well. But not all the laminate flooring equally scratch, dent and wear resistant. While choosing a right material check the abrasion classification coefficient often know as AC rating of durability. For the best performance, try to avoid purchasing low rated (AC1 or AC2) products. Because of its non porous properties laminate is stain and moisture resistant flooring.


What we see is a picture under protective wearing layer and quality laminate floor will have a very similar look to hardwood or even emanate the tile or natural stone. Because of versatility in appearance it will match with nearly any room design. Quality laminate does not fade or change color overtime like many wood flooring species.


Floating click and lock laminate flooring is one of the easiest flooring options to install and can be done as a do it yourself project. Even though many sources might point it will require professional installation, following manufacturer instructions and recommendations you are at no higher risk of voiding the manufacturer warranty for particular product if hire a professional installer. Laminate can be installed over any type of hard surface subfloor and in any room around the house excluding bathrooms where it is a higher risk of damaging by water.


Price might be the one of the biggest advantages of the flooring material. Laminate floor is a budget friendly option and very often even high quality products will be cheaper in comparison with wood or tile. If hiring a contractor to perform the installation labor cost will be significantly lower than install many other flooring materials. Also overall expenses will be reduced to minimum if perform the installation by self.


Laminate flooring is very easy to care for, but always use cleaners recommended by manufacturers only. Many solutions, bleaches, polishes or waxes can damage the floor. Usually dust and dirt should be cleaned with slightly wet cloth or (and) vacuum cleaner with no beater bar.

While there are many pros, some disadvantages should be taken into consideration while shopping for new laminate flooring.


Severely damaged planks in the middle of a room will be impossible to repair and some time consuming replacements might be necessary to perform. Laminate flooring cannot be refinished and deep scratches or dents cannot be eliminated from its surface.


Laminate flooring very often associated with a term of imitation or mimic of real natural products such as hardwood flooring or stone tile. It doesn’t have the same value as natural materials, but just a cheaper alternative. For richer appearance and enhancing the luxury look of the house real wood flooring and stone will be much better options.


Even though quality laminate flooring has a decent lifespan, but many flooring materials including real wood or stone tile will last much longer.