Kitchen flooring

There are many flooring materials that can be installed in the kitchen. And while shopping for new kitchen floor you will find huge variety of flooring for any budget and needs. There are three main questions concern any homeowner while choosing right flooring for a kitchen area. What will I spend on a floor? How long will the floor last? How does the floor look like?

Cost of kitchen flooring
If the price is a main concern while choosing a new kitchen floor, then vinyl or laminate are the best options. It is possible to find laminate flooring on sales for as low as $0.5 s/f and if perform installation by self you can get a new kitchen flooring installed for a $150 - $200. Tile and hardwood, are not a budget friendly options. While cheapest ceramic tile can be bought for $1 - $1.5 s/f cost to install tile flooring will be $3 - $4 s/f depending on condition of the subfloor. Getting a new solid hardwood kitchen floor will cost $4 - $5 s/f on a lowest end for labor and materials. If you consider save on installation – floating wood flooring is much easier to install and some homeowners can do it by self.

Durability of kitchen floor
While cost of kitchen flooring is the main concern – durability is the most important factor which should be given priority before buying floor for kitchen. If you will get something from “on budget option” and not consider how long it will serve your needs, you might pay double in the result. If the kitchen in your house is a heavy traffic area, and you have kids, who can easily abuse the floor then consider installation of strongest flooring materials is a good idea. Ceramic, porcelain or stone tile is the most durable options for kitchen flooring. With a proper installation and little care tile kitchen flooring will last for many years until you will consider updating for something fresh and newer. Hardwood is also pretty durable kitchen flooring option, but it can be easily damaged by dropped object from kitchen countertop. Also wood floor is very susceptible to water, which should be swiped from the hardwood surface right away.

Kitchen flooring appearance
What is the most beautiful option for kitchen floor? There is no answer on such question. Any flooring material has its own character and it is just a matter of taste which one to choose. Hardwood flooring is on the top of a list when it comes to appearance. From very popular red oak to exotic tiger wood there are so many styles and colors to fit in any kitchen design. Stone tile offer enormous variety of options as well and it is excellent choice for any kitchen flooring.