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Most of the homeowners who live in the same house for at least 10 years faced the need in kitchen renovation. Some of the small kitchen improvement projects can be easily done during the weekend. But if the plan not only make some minor changes, but remodel completely it might take a few weeks. There are a lot of kitchen remodeling contractors who can professionally perform the work with a minimal stress for homeowners, but all services will have their prices. If contracting with a remodeling company is not an option it is always a possibility to go with a do it yourself kitchen, and be your own designer, contractor, and customer. There are many steps should be followed in order to get complete remodeling project done successfully.

Kitchen do it yourself

Set up budget and make a kitchen design

How much can be spend on a project is an essential factor. Everything from the type of kitchen cabinets to the brand of a new fridge will depend on how much money will be invested in the remodeling project. Making a design is not an easy part and you have to be creative. Think which style of the kitchen will match the rest of a house.

Get all necessary permits and buy materials

Do not start on work without proper permits. Check your city or village requirements if you will need one for the specific work you are planning on. It does not affect budget much because the cost is usually less than $100, but for starting on remodeling without permit it is easy to get a ticket which will be much more than cost of a permit. Materials and kitchen fixtures can be bought with really good prices if you will plan on remodeling ahead, and check the stores for sales and discounts. Also buy online – it is a great way to save time and money.

Perform the actual labor work

Disconnect and take out from the kitchen all appliances. Get rid of old cabinets and kitchen floor. For all the electrical and plumbing work it is better to hire a licensed contractor who will do it according to the local codes and will pass the necessary inspections. But most likely, planning on changing kitchen layout what will require moving walls, plumbing or electrical lines won’t be a do it yourself kitchen. If you just want to add couple of light fixtures – hire the electrician for that part. In any case, after everything clear with a plumbing and electricity – fix the walls.

Kitchen flooring
Floor is an important part of kitchen design. Whether it is a tile or hardwood it has to be done before kitchen cabinets installation.

Kitchen cabinets
Install kitchen cabinets and all desire hardware. It is also a time to install cabinets crown molding if any by design. Complete require finish carpentry work and get someone to measure the countertop.

Kitchen countertop
Countertop is another part of remodeling project which should be done with a professional approach. Laminate countertop is easy to order from local fabricator and possible to install by self. But if it is any type of stone countertop such as granite or marble it is require professional installation. And by the way, it is very heavy and requires proper equipment for transportation. In most cases countertop fabricators will offer and install kitchen sink as well.

Kitchen backsplash
One’s kitchen countertop installed it is a time for kitchen backsplash. It can be just a painted wall, tile, or the same material as a countertop. Granite backsplash all the way up to cabinets can be installed at the same time with a kitchen countertop.

Kitchen appliances and fixtures
Some of the heavy appliances such as fridge or oven, which was bought from local distributor, can be installed by delivery guys (usually for an additional charge). But if it was ordered online and delivered to your door it is a time to put it in the place. Connect the garbage disposal, dishwasher, install kitchen faucet and light fixtures.

Paint the kitchen
The very last step is to paint the kitchen in desire color.

It seem simple, but in reality require a lot of affords, time and even knowledge of remodeling basics to get it done right.

Check cost to remodel kitchen if you will plan to hire contractor.

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