How many coats of paint should I apply on the wall?

The numbers of coats have to be applied on the wall to get a desire painting results will depend on different factors. Under certain conditions, walls can be painted ones and results might be satisfactory. At the same time application of a few coats of a new paint might be unavoidable for the best visual appearance.

Color selection

One coat of paint might be sufficient for repainting in the same color and walls do not require any repair. Also one coat might work if painting new primed walls in the colors same as primer, typically white or very close. Usually two coats of flat or eggshell paint will be necessary to apply if changing the wall color. If walls are really dark and new paint very light the numbers of coats might increase. The same will apply if repainting nearly white walls in extremely dark color.

Paint quality

Quality of paint will affect the minimum amount of paint applications for the best visual appearance. Very often low quality paint won’t cover the walls as good as high grade paint and more coats might be necessary to apply for getting better results.

Surface condition

If the walls were repaired primer has to be applied first to cover joint compound. In most cases, two coats of paint should be enough to make the walls look good with no visible spots after minor repair. Paint cannot be applied on wet walls. After water damage gypsum boards have to be replaced or completely dry otherwise paint will not last long.

Work performance

It is no secret many homeowners might easily repaint a room by self using cheap roller. If the underlying color still be visible just put more coats and be perfectly satisfied with mediocre performance. But such approach might be unacceptable while painting high end custom homes. Professional painter might be the best solution for performing such work.

Also consider the fact that proper tools matter. Using cheap brushes and rollers will lead to wasting not only time, but your paint as well.

Paint sheen

Paint finish shouldn’t affect the number of paint application. But homeowners should be aware the glossier the finish the harder to get better visual results. Flat paint is the most forgiving option and minor wall imperfections will be hidden or invisible. Eggshell, semi gloss and gloss paint should be applied much more professional and walls have to be prepared more careful otherwise additional coats might be necessary to apply for getting better results.

How many times walls can be repainted?

There are no certain limits when it comes to the amount of times walls might be repainted. With proper preparation before applying a new coat of paint, walls can be painted again and again. Many older houses already have a few coats of paint and more can be applied. The paint might start peeling not because of too many coats, but because not adequate application of primer over drywall or poor work preparation prior to paint application.