How to choose kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets installed

There are a lot of kitchen design ideas you can find online or in magazines. In order not to be overwhelmed and make your kitchen better, newer, and bigger, you need to think about how to narrow your choices down. Take a step by step approach in order to not be got lost in your thoughts and frustrated eventually. Plan ahead how the kitchen of your dreams will look like. On planning stage, you should think about design and functions of your kitchen. However, you shouldn’t over think it too much and make something very complicated. Your kitchen should be just enjoyable and save you time with preparing food (working space should be in an arm-length distance) and cleaning (don’t put many things on countertop and table). You can draw a plan of your kitchen yourselves or ask specialist to do it for you. You should keep in mind, though, that before starting any work you need to think about everything or almost about everything.

How to choose kitchen cabinets?

Kitchens can be small, medium, and large. Small kitchens are good for temporary dwellings. For a usual family it is not ok to have the small kitchen because shortage of space can cause inconvenience and even some problems. Since a kitchen is the main place in their home for many families, it is very important to have enough space for that. When people think about a kitchen, they normally start thinking about kitchen cabinets right away because it is the most important part of it. Homeowners want to buy new kitchen cabinets or refinish old ones if they are out of date or lost good appearance with the years. They start searching in magazines, kitchen design books, and/or on Internet to narrow their choices down. Styles of kitchens in most cases depend on people preferences, needs, and cultural influences. Good thing is that you can customize your orders if necessary or make order of kitchen cabinets or other kitchen features even from different countries. However, kitchen options can vary not only from stock to custom-made cabinets, but also from laminate to granite countertops, from vinyl to hardwood floor and so on.

For any kitchen, functionality and look of kitchen cabinets is the most important thing. Therefore, in order to make a right choice about future kitchen cabinets, homeowners should consider many things before starting any remodeling project, such as budget, how to make most of your space, family’s lifestyle, and cooking habits. Normally all homeowners start to figure out their budget first. While thinking about the budget they need to keep in mind that costs should not exceed their benefits from it. That should help you to narrow choices down that you willing to spend on your kitchen remodeling project and what not.

Some customers create list what they like or don’t like about kitchen cabinets and what they want at their kitchen and don’t want there. It is a good idea to consult with professionals about kitchen features and what can be suitable in their particular situation. Weighing the budget and the result that you expect to get can save you time and possible overwhelming with all existing choices. Homeowners can choose kitchen cabinets from sock, semi-custom, or custom-made cabinets. Stock cabinets can be found at any local home improvement store. Normally they are manufactured in a limited standard sizes, options, and materials. However, stock cabinets are cheaper and installers usually charge less for installation of stock cabinets compare to other types of cabinets. So, if you go on a budget, do not have an unordinary kitchen, and you don’t have a very demanding personality then this choice can be right for you. Semi-custom and custom-made cabinets are normally more expensive but they offer you more options to choose from and can satisfy any homeowner preferences.

Things to consider in kitchen designs

It is also very important to have in your kitchen adequate food preparation areas, food storage, flooring, lighting, counter layouts and materials that can match you needs, style and decor. If you go with custom- made cabinets, the first thing to consider when choosing a color for that is the size of your kitchen. Since, space of your kitchen depends on colors and lights; you need to use some light colors in order to make your kitchen looks bigger. It is necessary to consider that darker colored kitchen cabinets normally make the room feel smaller. However, if your kitchen is big and open, then choosing a very light color can make an opposite effect; it makes the room feel undesirably too big. Therefore, it is always safer to choose a medium to light color cabinet for small kitchens and a slightly darker hue for larger rooms. Also, it is not recommended to install islands on the middle of the small kitchen in order not make it completely uncomfortable. In a big kitchen, an island counter should be no more than 42 inches from the main counter. If the island counter is too far it becomes not convenient to reach, especially if the kitchen island has a cooktop.