Flooring options

What is the best flooring option for your home?

Entrance area flooring
Ceramic, porcelain or any stone tile is the best option for entrance area. It will withstand heavy traffic without any damages. Hardwood flooring will also work, but use area rugs for protecting the surface from scratches by shoes. Laminate is also a good choice, and can be used as a cheaper alternative to hardwood. Carpet shouldn’t be installed in entrance areas.

Flooring for hallways
The best choice is hardwood flooring. It is durable enough and if shoes will be left in entrance areas it won’t be damaged even with a high traffic. Cheaper option is a laminate which is scratch resistant and can be installed in hallways as on “budget” alternative. Bamboo flooring with similar qualities to hardwood will work as well. Depend on the floor plan tile flooring also is a great choice, but it can be hard to walk on barefoot. On the low end budget it is possible to go with a vinyl tile. Carpet might get dirty soon that is why it is not a good option for hallways.

Living room flooring
All types of flooring materials can be used as flooring in living room areas. Carpet is an option on budget. Also it is the best flooring if living room is a place where children playing a lot. It makes room warm and soft for walking on. Floating cork flooring is another great option for living room if you have children. Hardwood might be more expensive, but it is one of the best choices in high end homes.

Flooring for bedrooms
Many homeowners prefer carpet because it is soft to walk on. It might require cleaning with a time, but bedroom is not a heavy traffic area and carpet definitely is a good choice. Hardwood, bamboo, laminate or cork can be easily installed in the bedroom as well. Due to its hardness tile might be in the end of a list for bedroom flooring.

Kitchen flooring options
Avoid carpet installation in the kitchen areas. On a low end toy can go with a vinyl tile or laminate. Ceramic or porcelain tiles as well as hardwood flooring are the best flooring options for kitchen. Tile will not be damaged by water and very easy to clean. With a hardwood you have to be more careful and swipe all liquid from the surface right away, but wood flooring will fit the best to any kitchen design.

What is the best for bathroom flooring?
Any types of tile – from vinyl to granite are good for bathrooms. Excessive moisture can damaged any type of wood flooring that is why any types of ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile are the best options for bathrooms floor. It is also possible to install hardwood, laminate or bamboo flooring in powder room, where is only toiled and sink. Carpet is not a good option in any case.

Flooring for basements
Finished basement is like any other floor in the house, but with only one difference – it is under the ground level. Because of that the basement floor has a potentially higher moisture level. Basically any type of flooring materials can be installed in the basement, but try to avoid solid hardwood which can be easily damaged by excessive moisture, just install engineered wood and do not forget about moisture barrier.

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