Discounted hardwood floor products


Making wise decisions while shopping for a new hardwood floor will definitely pay off in the result. Here we want to share our experience of choosing either cheap hardwood floor, or expensive one. There is a good old say “you’ve got what you paid for” and it is 100% right, but there is one exclusion – “I know, but I do not care as long as it is cheap”. Not all the cheap hardwood floor is bad, you just have to know what to expect from such kind of products, and then it might work just perfect for you.

If you are looking for specific type of hardwood floor to suit in your home design then cheap option will not work for you – in a couple days after the installation you might say “it is not exactly what I wanted, but it is too late…” Technically it is not too late and it is always an option to remove and install a new hardwood floor, but is it wise to save coupe of hundreds and not to buy what you really like from the beginning?

Different situation if you want to install hardwood floor and your budget is a priority in other words you want to find something cheap. It is also a time consuming process, but more and more people choosing to buy cheap, sometimes even regardless quality.

Check online hardwood floor retailers.

Find local distributors and home improvement stores.

Speak with local hardwood floor contractors.

In any case you have to know what you are buying. Usually the best deals will be on lower grades. It is a description for every product and we are strongly recommend take a minute and read it before buying discounted hardwood floor products either online or locally. You can even find utility grade unfinished hardwood floor for a very low price, but usually it comes with no warranty, no returns, and plus you have to buy more in order to have something to select from. It is very popular product in rental properties.

Also sometimes you can find overstock hardwood products with prices lower than regular. It is not going to be a wide variety, but good deal if you want to save, and the quality in this case will be the same as usual products. Some retailers might sell discontinued hardwood which manufacturers will not produce any more, but want to clear their warehouses. If you know it is discontinued – buy extra, because in case of repair you will not find it in a few years. These two options is really bargain – you are getting quality products for cheap.

Do it yourself installation will save you more, but if you still want to hire hardwood floor installer to do the floor, speak with contractor about prices for material first. They know much more about it that you might not even think. In most cases they can offer you a better price for materials and installation for certain products, in compare to buy materials by yourself and hire someone to do installation.

The bottom line is that there are hardwood floor products you can get for a very good price. It is not necessarily mean cheap hardwood will not last long, you just have to be aware what you are buying, and if it what you want you will definitely have to go for it.