Cork floor vs bamboo floor

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Both bamboo and cork floor options make a beautiful flooring. In addition, they both are eco-friendly. Bamboo flooring is one of the newest flooring options to appear on the market in the recent years. In contrast, cork has been popular in Europe for about 1,000 years for mostly bottling use and over 100 years for flooring. Initially, cork material was used only for plugging bottles. However, with the years it also makes for an attractive flooring material. As cork bamboo can be also used for purposes other than flooring. Both bamboo and cork flooring are highly preferred by many homeowners and is very appreciated by those who installed them.

Renewable source

Both cork and bamboo floor is highly renewable sources that many homeowners seek for. Stalks of bamboo, which is grass, can grow to heights of 125 feet or more for about five-six years. After complete maturity bamboo plants are cut for use as the flooring material and prepared by using the special procedures which are normally different from one manufacturer to another. Like bamboo flooring, cork floor is a natural substance used as flooring material. Cork floorings are made from the bark of oak tree. The Mediterranean oak tree is the only one species which bark can regenerate after harvesting without damaging the tree or the environment. Harvesting from cork trees only occurs once every nine years but these trees can live for about 150-200 years which make it possible to harvest the cork safely up to 15-20 times during its life time.

Color and patterns

Bamboo plants are split and reformed into planks and their natural striations create a beautiful texture. Bamboo can be cut in a way to create more than one pattern or grain, while cork naturally has six different patterns. From the other hand, bamboo floor is limited in terms of color choice compared to cork. Cork floor can be stained in any color but many homeowners prefer natural colors of cork or bamboo floors. Cork and bamboo flooring provide a warm environment through its natural growth patterns. Homeowners can choose whether a horizontal or vertical grain, depending on their personal or cultural preferences.


Bamboo flooring is durable natural material and can last long. With proper care and maintenance it performs perfectly for many years to come. Bamboo flooring is actually comparable in hardness and durability to some of the most commonly chosen hardwood flooring materials such as oak and maple. Bamboo floor is more scratch resistant compare to cork one. Cork is also durable enough flooring option especially if perform required cork sealing procedures.

Installation methods

Cork and bamboo installation methods are the same as for any wood floor or laminate. Installers can install them by using floating method and glue down. However, nail down method might be used for some of the bamboo flooring products. Homeowners can potentially do it as a do-it-yourself project if they comfortable to do it. The installation method may vary with the type of flooring material purchased. In floating method strips of wood snap into each other. Sometimes glue is used for durability.

Where can be installed

Cork floor is normally more moisture resistance compare to bamboo. Some types of cork floor can be installed even in such areas as bathrooms and basements where professional installers normally don’t recommend any type of bamboo floor. However, cork flooring will not stand also excessive level of moisture for a long period of time. Bamboo floor preferred to install in the living rooms and hallways, where cork can be installed on the kitchens and bedrooms.


Bamboo flooring is slightly cheaper than cork flooring. Installation price in most cases depends on the type of installation but not on the type of floor. Both cork and bamboo floors relatively easy to maintain; they don’t require special care just usual, routine, and on-going cleaning which ensure long lasting performance for them.

Which flooring option can suit best for homeowners?

Both cork and bamboo flooring materials have their own pros and cons. That’s why it is not an easy choice to choose between cork and bamboo. Homeowners should weigh what is more important for them and with what they can live. For example, if homeowners have pets, bamboo can be a better option because of its durability and scratch resistance. From the other hand, if they have children then cork floor can be better option for a safer surface as it is better at cushioning. In addition, cork floor is more flexible, insect resistance, heat resistance, noise resistance and has many other positive features. Cork flooring has some other preferable characteristic, such as it is antiallergenic and sound absorbent, also it can acclimate to suit changes of seasonal temperature.