Ceramic tile floor

Does ceramic tile good for flooring?

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular flooring options. It can be installed in any room in the house, but especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Because of a huge variety of ceramic tile colors, finishes and sizes it will fit perfect in any home design, and satisfied any customer needs. Not all ceramic tiles are the same, and homeowners should be aware of that while shopping for a new ceramic tile floor.

Performance of ceramic tile

PEI rating is used to rate the scratch and wear resistance of ceramic tile. There are five different groups on the scale from 0 to 5 where the higher number means higher ware resistance. Group 3 and 4 are suitable for flooring installation in residential properties.

Higher density of tile means lower water absorption rate. When choosing ceramic tile for outdoor as well as wet areas such as shower floor make sure the product has less than 3% of water absorption. Wearing layer of the surface will protect ceramic tile from stain what makes it stain resistant and one of the best option for kitchen floor.

Most of the ceramic tile does not require sealing. It has a protective surface layer which protects the tile from water penetration, but grout, on the other hands, require application of grout sealer periodically to prevent it from damaging by moisture and extend longevity.

Appearance of ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is available in variety of colors from pure white to imitation of natural stones. There are also many sizes options to choose from. Some smaller mosaic ceramic tiles can be incorporated in with a big 24” x 24” tiles to create unique floor design. The most widely and commonly used size is 12” x 12”. Manufacturers also offer varieties of ceramic tile shapes, and finishes.

Ceramic tile floor - cost and installation

Cost to install ceramic tile floor will vary from $3 to $15 s/f and will depend on which product will be used, what will be involved and who will performed the actual flooring installation. Prices for ceramic floor tile starts from $0.5 s/f and can go up to $5 s/f. All the time while shopping for new ceramic tile flooring make sure you will get a right product which will be durable enough for specific house area. On average prepare to spend $1.5 - $2 s/f for decent quality of ceramic tile. Additional expenses will include buying tile adhesive or mortar, backer boards if necessary and grout. Installer will charge $2.5 - $4 s/f to set the tile on the floor if you are not considering do it yourself.

How long ceramic tile floor will last?

With a proper installation ceramic tile will last for many years. There many houses where ceramic tile floor wasn’t changed for 25 – 30 years and it is nothing wrong with that tile it just old and might require updating with the time, but not because it was worn out. There are much better products on the market right now, usually they are not cheapest, but most likely you do not have to worry about how long ceramic floor will last. Grout, on the other hand can get dirty and loose its appearance if not maintain properly.