Best flooring for a bedroom

Considering practical use and family requirements there are many options to choose from for covering bedroom flooring. Very often personal preference will lead to determination which floor to get installed in the bedroom. There are always a few essential factors to analyze while shopping for flooring and deciding which one is the best.

Softness and usability

It is good to feel something warm and soft while walking barefoot on a bedroom flooring and carpet is one of the best options to consider. Textured, frieze, cable, Saxony, cut and loop or looped carpets are available in variety of colors to match with any bedroom design. It might require periodical cleaning deeper than usual vacuuming ones it gets dirty. Some stain spots might be hard to remove, but with a reasonable usage and care carpet will be a good choice for any family.

Green options for bedroom flooring

Vertical or horizontal bamboo is getting in popularity as one of the eco-friendly options. Natural bamboo rates higher on Janka hardness scale than popular red oak hardwood flooring. Carbonization allows changing bamboo flooring appearance and making the product in desire color with adding pigments. With a minimum care require bamboo will suit in any bedroom design.
Floating cork is available in different textures and its distinct appearance makes the flooring on the top list of consideration while shopping for bedroom flooring products. It is comfortable and warm to walk on flooring covering with excellent insulation properties.

Longevity and durability preferences

Installation of ceramic or porcelain tile is the most durable flooring choice. With a little care slate, marble or granite tile will last for many years without any concerns about losing its appearance or being damaged by a heavy bed. By its nature any stone or man-made tile is hard as a rock and for more comfort and softer feel some area rugs might be placed on tile surface.

On budget bedroom flooring options

Laminate flooring is comparably cheaper than many other flooring materials. Because of easy to install some homeowners might prefer to lay the laminate flooring by themselves in order to reduce the labor expenses. Vinyl tile or linoleum is another budget friendly option. It is durable enough to withstand a heavy load on its surface with no damages appear. Vinyl tiles are easy to replace, but a solid sheet of linoleum might be hard to repair.

Hardwood flooring in the bedroom

Wood is definitely one of the best options to consider. From easy to install floating engineering hardwood flooring to solid exotic there are huge variety of options to choose from. Wood floor is relatively easy to maintain, but will require basic care to prolong its longevity. Some heavy objects might leave undesirable mark or scratches on the surface of hardwood flooring that is why it is recommended to use felt pads under the any furniture in order not to damage the wood. If the floor loses its appearance overtime it might be refinished what allows even to change the color if desire stain will be applied after sanding out the old finish.