Bathroom remodeling ideas on budget

How to remodel bathroom on budget

Bath remodel doesn’t necessarily have to turn into expensive money consuming project. There are many ways to bring new and fresh look to your bathroom while not spending much.

Consider bathtub refinishing
While a new bathtub can cost a few hundreds to buy plus pay for the installation – refinishing is a great way to save and make a bathtub looks like new. Bathtub refinishing companies will charge $250 - $350 for labor and materials to refinish regular size bathtub. It is always a possibly do it yourself and save even more.

Regrout tile
If the tile on the floor or bathroom walls in a good condition, but the grout lost its appearance overtime it is possible to regrout. First of all, old grout has to be removed from tile and then new grout applied. It can be done by self, but removing old grout is a time consuming process.

Change bathroom fixtures
Replacing towel bars, shower or light fixtures will create a new atmosphere in the bathroom. Adding better light fixtures will make whole bath looks brighter. It doesn’t mean to install new electric lines, what might be not that cheap – just replace old with a better and bigger. Buy a new toilet if old one doesn’t looks well.

Replace a shower door
The shower door might lose its appearance with years. It is easy to find a standard shower door on sale and follow the instructions which are inside every box, perform installation by self. Custom shower doors might be an expensive to order and install.

Replace bathroom cabinets or vanity
Standard bathroom vanity can be bought on sale and installed by self. You can even consider refacing an old one, changing cabinet hardware and install a new vanity top. Even stone countertop for small bathroom cabinet will not be that expensive if installed by self. New mirror or fresh medicine cabinet will make a big change in bathroom appearance.

Flooring is an important part of bathroom design
Vinyl tiles can be replaced very easily. Check if it is possible to install stone, porcelain or ceramic tile on top of existing floor. If it is not an option, but floor tile doesn’t looks well – replaces it with a new one. You can do demolition and grouting easily by self and hire someone just to lay tile.

Don’t forget about bathroom colors
The most inexpensive, but one of the most important part of bathroom renovation is painting. Because of bathroom moisture choose a right finish and desire color for making the bathroom looks fresh.

There are a lot of ways to save on bathroom remodeling. Everything will definitely depend on a budget set for bath renovation, but with wise planning and do as much as you can by self your bathroom will have a different, like new look, without investing a thousands.