Attached garage vs detached garage


A garage is an essential part for any family whether it is attached or free-standing one. It provides controlled access to your vehicle and protects it from rust, damage or even theft. In addition, it can provide some storage for your garden and/or work tools or you can use it as a work space.

What is better to have free-standing garage or attached garage?

This depends a lot on preferences of homeowners. Some of them argue that the detached garage is much better than the attached one. That’s why, they would never consider an attached garage for their families. This point of view is understandable, because the attached garages have some potential risks of polluting the air in the home with carbon monoxide and other noxious car fumes. On the other hand, many homeowners even don’t have a choice whether to have an attached or free-standing garage. Some local building codes might prohibit the free-standing garages or people may not have enough land space to build a garage even if they would want to have one.

Pros of having a free-standing garage
If homeowners have an opportunity to build the detached garage, they can have some benefits, such as
- reducing energy consumption
- reducing the risk of pollution the air in the house
- eliminating the noise from opening and shutting the garage door
- eliminating the risk of destroying the house walls and things in the house. If you have teenage kids who just learning how to drive they might accidentally hit the gas pedal and not the brake thinking it was the brake pedal.


Pros of having an attached garage
Many people just like the attached types of garages because they can have an easy access to it whether it is rain or snow. If the garage was built by professionals, it is normally properly insulated, ventilated, and put necessary vapor barriers. Therefore, people will not have that much of a risk of polluting their homes from the car fumes. In addition, the proper insulation can reduce the unwanted penetration of hot or cold air into the house. For people who don’t have enough space in their homes, the attached garage can serve as an easy accessible place for storing many things and keeping a second refrigerator there.

Construction factor
If you decide to build a garage and want to chose which is better attached or free-standing one, then you can take into consideration such facts as labor cost and materials expenses. If you are planning on construction an attached garage, you will normally spend less money on the materials because you don’t need to frame or lay bricks for one or even two walls or finish the walls from any other materials you chose. The labor cost, on the other hand, will depend on quantity of work that needs to be performed. Therefore, the labor cost might be about the same or even less for the free-standing garage than for the attached garage. In general cost to build a garage will be slightly lower when you go with a detached one. The labor cost can depend a lot on how big the garage you want (i.e., one, two or three car garage). In addition, some homeowners like to keep things simple. They plan to have and use their garages only with one purpose to keep a car there. However, others may want to try to add to their garages many other fixtures, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms which require some additional cost of installation.